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September 15, 2008

Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Comes to Life with Sound
Spectrum Sound Press Release

The Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial in Fruita has a brand new feature. As visitors approach the majestic “Huey” helicopter exhibit, they are now greeted with authentic Bell UH-1 helicopter sounds and popular Vietnam-era music; specifically, “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. A female voice welcomes visitors and provides information about the memorial.

Spectrum Sound of Grand Junction was commissioned to design and install the new sound system. It functions as an automated tour guide at conservative volume levels, and also serves as a full-featured public address system to be used in conjunction with special gatherings and events. The informative soundtrack plays automatically when visitors arrive, and the system becomes inactive at night. The electronic equipment is in operation year-round and is protected from all types of weather conditions.

Photos here

The system features a specialized digital audio playback device which is activated by two motion sensors installed on the underside of the aircraft. This device is programmed with an eight-minute delay to prevent the soundtrack from becoming repetitive. Two black Community™ all-weather speakers are affixed overhead. All other equipment is housed securely within the concrete structure.

Bemis Electric of Grand Junction supplied electricity to the structure, which previously had no power supply. Gary Smith Productions created the audio track, which features the voice of Toni Wanebo.

The day after its completion, several area Veterans met at the memorial to dedicate the new addition. The improvement received recognition in news stories by local television and print media.

“I consider it an honor and a privilege to have contributed in some small way to this fabulous memorial,” said Travis Long, Owner of Spectrum Sound. “It turned out even better than I’d hoped.”

September 5, 2008

New Feature at Vietnam Memorial is Music to Veteran's Ears
By Jessica Zartler, NBC 11 News (link to article)

Veterans from all around the Grand Valley drove to Fruita to dedicate a new feature at the Vietnam Memorial. Brigadier General Harry Hagaman of the U.S. Marine Corps listened to the sounds of the new audio track on Friday and it brought back wartime memories.

"Listen to that! That's the way the engine sounds when it runs. It's the sweetest sound on earth when it comes in and rescues you."

The track talks about the Vietnam War and gives information about the memorial so visitors have a guide.

It's motion activated and runs on eight minute cycles.

"I think it's wonderful because people can come up and say geez, this is really wonderful, I wish I knew a little more about it and it tells them," Hagaman told 11 News on Friday.

The audio system was paid for by private donations from people in the community.  

September 7, 2008

Vietnam War Memorial Will Have Short Soundtrack
By SENTINEL STAFF, The Daily Sentinel (link to article)

When visitors pause in front of the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial in Fruita, they will hear a short history of the monument, thanks to a $4,000 donation from a local veteran.

Jim Doody, the chief architect of the memorial, said a donation from local contractor Harold Elam allowed him to install a sound system on the belly of the Huey helicopter overlooking the memorial.
“It’s turned out good,” Doody said.

The nearly four-minute message, tripped by a motion sensor, overlays helicopter sounds and “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. After several seconds a woman’s voice comes on, telling visitors about the memorial, Doody’s brother, Tom, who inspired the display, and how to donate to the memorial.

Doody said the audio plays once every eight minutes.

“This is just a neat way to enhance it,” he said.  

March 15, 2008

Ute Water Board Enjoys Clarity of Speech in Meetings
Spectrum Sound Press Release

Photos Here


Ute Water’s staff and Board of Directors won’t miss a word at their meetings, thanks to the addition of a new state-of-the-art sound system.

The sound system was designed and installed by Spectrum Sound of Grand Junction. It features thirteen sleek, black gooseneck microphones placed uniformly around the conference table’s surface. An additional handheld wireless microphone is available for presenters, enabling them to move freely about the room as they direct attention toward maps, whiteboards and screens that adorn the board room’s walls. The system is set up for compact disc recording of all meetings. Four small, black speakers are aesthetically installed overhead and provide seamless sound distribution to all seated positions. Wireless assistive listening devices are provided for the hearing-impaired.

“We have been completely satisfied with the quality of work done by Spectrum Sound, from the initial consultation to the time spent training our staff”, said Joe Burtard, Public Relations Officer for the Ute Water Conservancy District. “We feel completely confident in the services and products we have received”.  

Honor Guard members and a crowd of veterans and citizens watch Ret. Brig. Gen. Harry Hagaman speak at Tuesday’s Veterans Day ceremony at the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park.Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park in Fruita gets sound system
By Emily Anderson, GJ Free Press (link to article)

FRUITA, Colo. — On Veterans Day Tuesday, founder Jim Doody welcomed veterans to the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park in Fruita with the strains of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” and the air-whipping sound of a Huey helicopter.

The helicopter and the song both came from an era many in the crowd remember as a time they or their friends went to war, Doody said. With help from donations, Doody hired Spectrum Sound to install a permanent sound system in the park, which consists of plaques with veterans’ names, flag poles, a statue and a platform holding up a Huey. When visitors step on the platform below the helicopter, motion sensors will now activate and share the song, the sound and the story behind the park.

“We got together as a board and discussed putting in a PA (public address) system,” Doody said. But he wasn’t sure the $8,500 price tag would allow for the wish to come true. Then Harold Elam, owner of Elam Construction in Grand Junction, heard about the sound system and handed Doody a check for $5,000.

Elam said he was just being patriotic.

“We are firm believers in our freedoms and in the veterans that secured these freedoms,” he said.

Ret. Brig. Gen. Harry Hagaman and Rev. John Foreman also spoke at Tuesday’s Veterans Day celebration at the park. Hagaman saluted the more than 100 veterans gathered and told Republicans in the crowd not to pout too long over presidential candidate John McCain’s defeat.

“Today in our current time period we’re all worried about our current election — not all of us, but some of us,” Hagaman said. “But I believe we’re a great country and we’ll snap back.”

Foreman spoke of the “Greatest Generation’s” onward march toward freedom and the historic chords that bind all veterans before and since World War II.

“That can-do spirit leads us onward and reminds us that even the most difficult can be done,” Foreman said.

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